It’s almost Christmas and another wrap to the year. Frosted film has qualities that make it an ideal choice for solving safety and privacy problems and as an ideal material for branding projects.

We’re taking a look back at some of the most important tips and topics we’ve covered this year.

Maintenance Of Frosted Window Film

Here’s a reminder of the best tips to keeping your frosted film in good condition:

Cleaning: Frosted film for windows should be cleaned regularly to keep it looking good, particularly if it is installed in outdoor areas, such as on pool fences or balconies. Always clean frosted film with regular glass cleaners and soapy water. Never use harsh abrasive cleaners. These can cause the film to deteriorate.

Avoid extremes of heat & cold: Glass film should not be subjected to extremes of temperature. Avoid having frosted film close up to heating or air conditioning, as this can cause deterioration of the film over time.

Removing glass film: Part of the reason for the popularity of frosted film is because it is a very easy product to remove. Frosted window film can be removed with a steamer. High quality frosted film should come off easily and will not flake off, like inferior films.

Repairing glass film: If your frosted film gets damaged or is starting to bubble, shrink or peel, it can be repaired, without having to replace the entire area.

Frosted Film Melbourne weather resistant for pool fence

Visual Indicators & Frosted Window Film

Glass can pose a safety risk when it cannot be seen.The regulations that relate to glass and visual indicators for Australia are AS1288 – 2006 and AS1428 – 2009.

Safety standards require that a glass window could be mistaken for a doorway if:

  • it exceeds 1000mm in height
  • it exceeds 500mm in width
  • the lowest sightline is less than 500mm above the floor.
  • the glazing is not opaque or leadlight
  • no transom or handrail is installed between 700mm and 1000mm above floor level
  • louvre widths are greater than 230mm

In this instance a motif or permanent visual indicator is required on the glass to prevent it from posing a safety risk. Visual indicators or a motif can be installed either by glass etching or by applying a self adhesive label that cannot be removed in a single action.

Glass window film applied to glass is used to meet glass safety standards. It is tough and versatile, allowing it to be cut to any shape, size or pattern, and making it an ideal product for use on glass

frosted film for windows apartments privacy

Privacy regulations & Frosted Film For Windows

Overlooking Regulation 419 requires that a habitable room, deck, or balcony should avoid direct views into the private space or room of an existing dwelling that is within 9 metres.

To resolve overlooking issues and meet regulations, frosted film is installed on glass and windows to create privacy, while not blocking light. Frosted film is made from tough, UV resistant materials, making it ideal for installation on external glass.

Branding With Frosted Film

Frosted film is an affordable and flexible solution to issues of privacy in corporate and public spaces. But increasingly frosted film is being recognised for its applications beyond these. Because window films can be cut to any design and also comes in a range of colours, it is an ideal material for us in promotions and as part of a brand strategy.

Window film is an affordable and creative way of branding an entrance in an office or reception area. It is used on the front display windows of retail businesses and can also work to provide privacy at the same time.

Glass window film is also ideal for use for short term promotions and campaigns, where it can be installed on glass and easily removed, without harsh chemicals or by damaging glass surfaces.

Qualities Of Frosted Film

Frosted window film is an infinitely versatile and practical product and has many uses and advantages over other products. Frosted film:

  • is affordable
  • lasts for many years
  • is UV resistant
  • is made for installation in damp and wet areas
  • is weather resistant and able to be installed outside
  • is ideal for meeting Australian safety and privacy standards on glass
  • can be cut to any design
  • is easy to clean and maintain
  • comes in a range of colours

Apply To Glass For Window Film Melbourne

Apply To Glass have been working with designers, architects and home owners for almost 20 years helping to meet privacy, safety and design requirements. We work in commercial and residential projects across Melbourne in new and existing buildings.

Not only do we install privacy frosted film, we can also assist with decorative film projects and can help you finalise a design that will look great and last many years.