Meeting Building Codes With Frosted Glass Film

Glass is a popular feature within interior offices, homes and on balconies. We install frosted glass film internally and externally to meet glass safety regulations for visibility, as well as meeting regulations for privacy and overlooking issues. Our frosted glass film is used in a range of designs to look attractive and add visual impact, while ensuring glass is safe and secure.

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We work with home owners to ensure that all new windows and glass installations comply with building codes. Our frosted glass film installations meet safety and privacy requirements.


We work with builders and architects and design and install the highest quality frosted glass film.  All our glass installations comply with privacy window film building codes.


We offer value for money DIY frosted glass film kits to achieve building code compliance quickly and efficiently, for those on a budget or with a small project.

Office Waves For Privacy

Building Compliance, Commercial

Front Door Glass Safety & Design

Building Compliance, Residential

Business Office Design

Building Compliance, Commercial

Most Experience

We were the first frosted glass film company in Melbourne to offer frosted glass film and opaque glass solutions for privacy. We are the most experienced, working on commercial and residential projects to achieve compliance quickly, when it matters most.

Value For Money

Achieving building code compliance on windows and glass for privacy is an important task. We have over twenty years in the industry and because we only install the highest quality frosted glass film, you are guaranteed the best value frosted window film job in Melbourne.

Full Consultation

We offer a full on site consultation on all projects. We work with you to finalise a design that fits your budget, your space requirements and achieves a frosted glass film solution for privacy, aesthetics and building code requirements.

5 year installation & manufacturers warranty on all internal installations

As Melbourne's most experienced frosted window film company, we stand by all our work.

Other Frosted Glass Film Solutions

Frosted glass film provides the look of opaque glass for privacy and for decorative design.

Privacy Window Film

Frosted glass film is a polyester film applied to glass or windows to achieve the appearance of opaque glass and solve issues of privacy. We work on large and small commercial and residential projects assisting you to solve privacy problems, while not compromising light, safety or aesthetics.

Home Window Tinting Melbourne

Reduce UV rays by 75 to 99 percent and cool your home with solar window film. Solar window film reflects harsh UV rays before they get into your home, reducing your energy bills during hot weather.

Decorative Window Film

Almost any design can be pre-cut into frosted glass film and installed on glass and windows. Decorative effects and designs can be created in a range of colours and grades of transparency.


Privacy Window Films


Decorative Window Films


Compliance Window Films