Stay Cool With Solar Window Film

With an increase in summer temperatures and rocketing energy bills, investing in home window tinting is a wise choice for homes in Melbourne.

Installing solar window film can reduce UV rays penetrating the glass from 78 to 95 percent. Different grades of film provide varying levels of protection and also provide slightly different visual effects when viewed from inside and outside. We only use high quality solar window films from 3M and Avery for all home window tinting installation jobs.

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Benefits of home window tinting Melbourne

There are many benefits to installing solar window tint on the window in your home, particularly on north and west facing windows.

Save Energy

Save up to 50% on summer cooling

Home window tinting with solar window film substantially reduces your energy bills. Tinted window films work by reflecting UV rays and heat from penetrating the glass, stopping the heat before it gets into your home. This means big savings on air conditioning bills, during the hottest time of the year. Window film also stops the heat from escaping, keeping the heat inside your home, when you need it in winter. Windows located on the north and west side of a house are the most important as they receive the bulk of the hot sun.


The cheapest heat & energy solution

Home window tinting is the most affordable and simplest investment to save you $$$ on cooling costs and keep you comfortable in summer. Unlike installing external blinds, tinted window film is much cheaper, providing greater value for money. The film is cut to exactly the size of your windows, is installed easily (without any screws or nails), provides minimal impact, and allows you full visibility while it works to cool your home. 


Protect your family

Solar window film not only keeps out harmful UV rays and heat, it also blocks prying eyes from seeing into your home. The reflective coating creates a mirror like effect on the outside of your windows during the day, preventing anyone from seeing into your home. Ideal for windows facing the street or neighbours, tinted window film provides protection all year round.

UV Damage

Protect your carpets & furnishings

The harsh rays of the Australian sun quickly fades carpets, furnishings, and beautiful timber floors. Even a small amount of regular sun throughout the year does damage. Solar window film protects precious furnishings by blocking between 75 and 99 percent of UV rays from coming through your windows, keeping the contents of your home from ageing and keeping them looking great for longer.

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Other Window Film Solutions

Window film provides the look of opaque glass to comply with building regulations and for decorative design.

Privacy Film

Privacy window film provides gives you the privacy you need without compromising your light. High quality, durable window film last for years, and can be installed inside and outside.

Decorative Window Film

Decorative window film is used in a range of settings for branding and for interior design. It is available in a range of colours and transparencies, and also provides privacy.

Custom Wall Decals

Transform your home or office with custom wall decals. Choose your own design or let us help you finalise a design. We can install onsite or ship your design to your door.

Visual Indicators

Visual indicators must be installed on windows and glass to meet building codes and are frequently required in commercial and residential settings for safety and security.

Why Choose Us

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With over twenty years experience, we’ve been around since the beginning of window films. We’ve worked on a range of projects, installing window film in all sorts of places. We understand our materials and we know what films work best under different conditions.  Only the most durable films can protect your windows from the damaging effects of the Australian sun, day in day out.

While window film solves a range of very practical problems, the results never have to be ugly. Almost any decorative design or logo can be pre-cut and installed outside or inside, using window film. We can help you customise a design for your home or business.

We offer the most affordable solution to deal with privacy and insulation on your windows, glass pool fences and balconies. We’ve been installing window films across Melbourne for 20 years and we only use high quality frosted film that is durable enough to withstand steam, UV rays, rain, dust, dirt and grime.

Many homes and buildings face multiple issues, and that means using different types of window film for privacy, insulation and to meet regulations. We can offer a full onsite consultation to assess your needs and come up with the best choice of windows film to look great and solve whatever insulating, overlooking or privacy issue you face. If you require a custom design for your window, we can help you finalise a design and will pre cut and install it.

5 year manufacturers warranty for internal installations

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