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  • Decals in Melbourne Crystal Etch Film

    The longest-lasting window film on the market

    Crystal Etch M7 is the highest quality and longest-lasting window film on the market. Don't pay twice! It can be used internally and externally for a range of privacy, security, and decorative window film projects. It has a distinctive glitter effect and provides a smooth and consistent finish for a range of window and decal designs. Sold by the meter. Save money by not having to replace the window film multiple times. Available in 3 widths:
    • 610mm
    • 1220mm
    • 1600mm
    Select the number of meters (minimum 3) required. Metamark Crystal Etch is a 70-micron polymeric matt calendered PVC window film. It has a high-quality release liner and adhesive, for fast cutting and easy application. It's also a durable film that is resistant to oil, fat, fuel, mild acids, paraffin, antifreeze, and soap suds.