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Window Film Removal

Window Film Removal

We’re here to help you with window film removal. All you need are the right tools! We’ve been installing and working with all types of window film for over thirty years and it’s one of the most durable, flexible and stress free products to work with. That’s why we love it.

What Is Window Film?

Window film is an awesome product! It’s a flexible synthetic that provides 100% privacy up close, can be cut to any design and comes in a range of colours. It is affordable and durable. It solves multiple privacy and safety issues and looks great. Window film can be installed outside and inside, as well as in rooms that are exposed to damp. Not only is it easy to install, it’s also just as easy to remove, which means you can avoid any frustration when you want to change your design. All these qualities makes window film one of the most versatile materials to use in office designs, for office branding and for privacy on glass office partitions. It’s also the perfect home window privacy solution for homes and rental accommodation.

window film removal

High quality window film is easy to install, durable and makes window film removal easy.

Are All Window Films The Same?

Frosted window film comes in different grades, so we recommend that  if you are installing yourself, do your research and find the best frosted film. Most professional window film installation companies will use a high quality brand name, like Metamark, Avery or 3M.

It may be tempting to go for a cheaper material, but inferior films tend to break down faster and start to shrink and bubble, particularly when exposed to UV. This can make window film removal a lot more difficult. You’ll find out whether you’re dealing with an inferior window film once you attempt to remove it. With inferior quality films, the glue and the film often separate during removal, resulting in it breaking off in  flakes.

3 Steps To Easy Window Film Removal

Before you begin window film removal, make sure you’ve got all the right materials. Below is a list of materials you may need for the job, depending on how difficult the film is to remove. If you’re unlucky, the film may separate from the glue and start breaking off in small flakes. In this situation you’ll need to try the heavy duty materials.

Materials For Window Film Removal:

  • soapy water in a spray bottle
  • stanley knife
  • window scraper
  • hand steamer
  • hair dryer
  • vinegar or ammonia (for stubborn jobs)
  • soft steel wool
  • gloves
  • rags

Step 1: Soften The Film

The first task is to soften the film. Spray the film with soapy water.

Step 2: Remove The film

Use a stanley knife to score the film in sections. Score a line with your knife from the top of the window to the bottom. Carefully pull up a corner of the film and start to gently pull away the section. Repeat this process until you have removed all the film. If you are unable to pull the film off in strips, use the window scraper to gently remove the film.

Step 3: Clean The Glass

After removing all the film, thoroughly clean the glass to remove any residual traces of glue. Depending on the amount of glue, you can simply scrape off any residual and use a window cleaner to wash the whole surface.

Other Methods For Stubborn Window Film Removal

If the window film you are attempting to remove is very old or is an inferior quality, you may find you need to use more heavy duty methods.

  • Some people recommend using ammonia or vinegar based mix to soften the glue. If you do use ammonia, make sure to have proper ventilation and wear gloves at all times. You can spray the mixture and use heat from a hair dryer to gradually break down the glue.
  • If you want to stay away from harsh chemicals, we recommend using a steamer. A steamer will gently soften the glue, making the film easier to remove.
  • Another method is to spray the film with a water or vinegar solution and cover the window with cling wrap. This keeps the solution on the film and softens it over time.
  • To remove stubborn glue, you can also try using very soft steel wool. Make sure to patch test on a small section of glass to make sure it does not scratch the window.

Need Help With Window Film Removal Or Installation?

If you don’t have time or the job is too big, you can call on a professional for window film removal. We’ve been designing and installing window film for office fitouts and large commercial projects in Melbourne for over 15 years. For all installations, we save you time and elbow grease by removing the old frosted film for you.

Talk to us about privacy window film or decorative window film for your home or office project. We service clients across all Melbourne suburbs.







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