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With over 20 Years of experience in handling Frosted window films and Glasses, we are Melbourne’s oldest and most experienced window film business, providing a range of design and installation services.

We only use & sell the longest-lasting window film in the market.
Mention your requirement(s) for commercial/residential spaces like – Window Tinting, Visual Indicators, Window Film Applying/Removal, etc.

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Melbourne’s top businesses, who rely on Apply To Glass for window frosting.

Window tinting and installing visual indicators on glazing bands in Residential and Commercial settings.

Our service also includes window film applying/removal, decorative window film, print vinyl decals, and custom wall art. Window film is a hard-wearing film that is applied to glass and provides a solution for privacy issues, reduces cooling and heating costs, meets building codes, and is a highly versatile and effective decorative and branding tool. Find answers to common questions about window film, including applying window film outside. We only use the highest quality window films available – ensuring you don’t pay twice by having to replace your window film more than you have to.

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Buy DIY Window Films

Need privacy but looking to do it as cost-effectively as possible?

We have a variety of DIY high-quality window films for purchase.

If you need help with the installation by our professionals, just ask for a quote.

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Great work and very professional. The staff is very friendly and completed the work in a timely manner. Would rate them 10 on 10. Highly recommended.
Government of Victoria

We had a great experience working with Applytoglass, their service and support are great.

Zircon Interior

According to us, these guys are the best in the market for this service. They’ve delivered a high-quality service. The price is also reasonable.

Ramsay Builders

They are a great agency that is professional and took care of our project. Their punctual and have a great Team.

Ten Sports

We’ve worked with ApplytoGlass on a number of projects, and they’re always professional and on time. Highly Recommend.