Decorative Window Film

Installation & design for your brand

Decorative window film is a highly versatile product that can transform your business and home. It is a popular and affordable way of expressing your brand and is often used for large installations on shop fronts, where a combination of branding and privacy is required.

Decorative films come in a range of colours and can be cut in any pattern to achieve the look you want. Update your windows, add impact to your foyer or entrance, with a design that is durable, uv resistant and keeps you and your customers safe and secure. If you want some assistance with your design, we’re here to help you finalise the details, and we’ll cut and install your new look.

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Decorative Window Film

Creating the appearance of opaque or translucent glass for privacy in the home does not have to compromise your aesthetics or be boring. Decorative window film can be pre-cut with a range of designs. More complex multi-coloured designs can be printed onto frosted film. From traditional to contemporary and bespoke frosted film designs, we offer a fully customised design and on site consultation and installation to suit your existing decor.


Decorative Window Film

Commercial fitouts need to look good and reflect the brand and personality of an organisation. Using high quality frosted film to pre-cut logos or to print complex multi-coloured designs can transform a bland interior into a space with visual appeal and impact. We work with builders and professionals on a range of projects installing decorative window film that not only achieves a high standard of design but also meets building regulations for privacy.


Decorative Window Film

Not all privacy window film jobs are the same size. If you’re a DIY enthusiast, you can buy high quality window film for small window frosting projects from our online shop.  If you are unsure of your design requirements we can provide you with the right advice to ensure you get the right materials for the job and you decorative window film project meets your budget. For larger projects we recommend a professional to cut and install your branded design.

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We also supply only and help with design

Other Window Film Solutions

Window film provides the look of opaque glass to comply with building regulations and for decorative design.

Home Window Tinting

Save energy and keep cool this summer by installing home window tinting. Solar window films block between 75 and 99 percent of UV rays and also keeps in the warmth in winter.

Privacy Film

Privacy window film provides gives you the privacy you need without compromising your light. High quality, durable window film last for years, and can be installed inside and outside.

Custom Wall Decals

Transform your home or office with custom wall decals. Choose your own design or let us help you finalise a design. We can install onsite or ship your design to your door.

Visual Indicators

Visual indicators must be installed on windows and glass to meet building codes and are frequently required in commercial and residential settings for safety and security.


Privacy window films


Decorative window films


Compliance window films

Why Choose Us

For your decorative window film design and installation

With over twenty years in the industry we understand great design and have experience working alongside builders, architects, interior designers and home owners. Great design does not have to be compromised to achieve privacy or meet building codes. We know our products and only use high quality window film for all our decorative window film projects.

We have successfully designed and installed frosted window film on glass and windows for over twenty years. We only use the highest quality decorative window film products which allows for almost any decorative design or colour option, from traditional, to cutting edge and contemporary.  We work closely with you to match with existing branding, interior decor or to have maximum decorative impact.

We provide the best value for money on decorative window film projects. We only use high quality frosted film that is durable against the damaging effects of wet and dry conditions and UV. We take pride in all our work and the reputation we have built over twenty years. This is why we guarantee all internal installations of window film for seven years, or the full manufacturers warranty.

We offer a fully customised service including an onsite consultation, cutting and installation for your decorative window film project. If you unsure of what you want we can assist with recommending design options and colours. We will happily cut and install your existing logo or branding or use your own design, to create a decorative glass or opaque window solution.  

5 year manufacturers warranty on all internal installations

The most experienced installers of decorative window film in Melbourne.