Glass Safety Regulations For Childcare Centres

Do you know whether your glass meets current Australian building regulations for safety? We are increasingly fitting glass safety film in child care centres to bring windows and areas of glass up to Australian standards.

Australia has a variety of safety regulations for glass installed in residential and commercial settings. Some of the regulations relate to privacy and overlooking issues (regulation 419), or visual indicators for glass safety (such as AS1288-2006, or AS 1428-2009). While glass has many design advantages, including providing an abundance of light and external views, it can provide a safety and security risk if it is not installed correctly. Glass can be an increased risk for children, particularly in areas where children play. That’s why the AS1288-2006 deals with the testing of glass after installation, and has been developed to ensure that if glass does break it doesn’t present a risk to children.

Glass safety where children play

Anywhere where children play and there is glass, there is a risk of breakage. When applied to windows, glass safety film prevents the glass from falling out of the frame and shattering, if it is broken. Safety film significantly improves the safety of glass, and will provide peace of mind in places where children play. Safety film is commonly installed in child care centres, kindergartens and schools, and when installed correctly can help bring them up to Australian building standards.

Fitting safety film on existing windows is a very economical way of protecting children and ensuring windows and doors meet government standards.

Need Installation?

Apply To Glass install the highest quality glass safety film in commercial and residential settings across Melbourne. We only use the highest quality materials to meet Australian standards.

We have helped bring numerous childcare centres in Melbourne up to standard. Our team can get your windows and doors up to standard, ensuring children are safe and you have peace of mind. We install safety film across Melbourne. If you’re not sure whether your windows meet building standards, or you would like a free onsite quote, call us 1300 2014 852.

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