Frosted film window is commonly used on apartment balconies, glass pool fences and public facing windows to create privacy while still allowing the light to shine through. It provides a beautiful aesthetic and is a cost-effective alternative to frosted or etched glass.

How To Apply Window Film

Because of its endless advantages, frosted film is very popular for creating privacy on windows. For small jobs, some people turn to DIY installation. Applying the film to the glass is pretty easy, if you follow a few simple steps. Here are five steps to help you get a great finish.

Step One: Source A High Quality Window Film
Step Two: The Tools
Step Three: Clean The Glass
Step Four: Cut, Spray, Install & Remove Air Bubbles
Step Five: Maintenance

Five steps for applying window film

How do you install window film-guide

Step one: Use High Quality Window Film

Window film can be applied to glass doors or windows inside or outside your home, but the quality of the material you choose will determine how it stands up to UV light, heat, cold, dust, damp and general cleaning over time. We always recommend using the best quality window film, for the best results and durability. We recommend 3m, Metamark or Avery brands of window film to get a reliable finish. For DIY enthusiasts, we stock a selection of window film in our online store.

Step two: The Tools

When you apply frosted film you don’t want to have any interruptions. Once you start the process you need to follow through to avoid any mistakes. So, you don’t want to be halfway through applying glass film to find you’re missing one of your key tools.

Before you begin it’s important to have all of your tools laid out, ready to go.

Tools you should have handy, include:

  • tape measure
  • ammonia-based window cleaner
  • masking tape
  • plastic scraper
  • steel ruler
  • retractable utility knife
  • spray bottle with soapy water
  • baby shampoo
  • squeegee

Step Three: Clean The Glass

Before you even think about applying frosted film you need to ensure the surface is impeccably clean and dry. To get the best clean use an ammonia-based window cleaner, such as Windex. Make sure you clean the window right to the edges of the glass.

Step Four: Use the right technique

Effectively applying frosted film takes patience and preparation. So make sure you know what technique you will use and practice it a few times before application.

  • Measure the window to see how large an area you need to cover. Always allow at least two centimetres overlap on each side.
  • Cut the window film to the size of the area you require.
  • Prepare the surface of the window for receiving the window film. Use a spray bottle filled with water and baby shampoo. Spray the window generously with soapy water. The wet, slippery surface will allow you to effectively move and position the window film in the right place.
  • Start peeling off the window film backing. This can be a little tricky. Place the film onto the window by positioning the top two corners of the film in place on the glass.
  • Next is the fun part. Using your squeegee to flatten the film out on the glass. Work from the centre to the outer edges of the glass, making sure any bubbles are flattened out and no gaps appear around the edges of the film.
  • Finally use a sharp blade to trim around the edges of the window, so you get a nice even edge.
window privacy film installation bedroom

window privacy film installed in a bedroom

Step Five: Maintenance!

If your frosted film is high quality and installed correctly it should last a very long time. It’s important to avoid installing any film near direct sources of heat or cold (such heaters and air conditioners) and to look after it after installation.

There are some important window film maintenance tips to be aware of. We recommend you look after it by cleaning it regularly with soapy water and/or standard glass cleaners. A little bit of care will go a long way to ensuring you avoid any unnecessary deterioration.

Removing Old Window Film

Sometimes you may need to pull off the old window film, first. This can be a messy job, if a poor quality material was used. Here’s some quick tips on removing window film.

Apply to Glass Melbourne – for all frosted film applications

Frosted window film is a great option for maintaining privacy and providing a stylish aesthetic – and it doesn’t have to be plain! The beauty of frosted window film is that it can be cut into a variety of designs and patterns. Decorative window film works in a range of residential settings, as well as being a popular design trend for branding your office fitout.

If you’re interested in glass film but would like professional assistance or have a large job, Apply To Glass can assist. We are experienced designing with glass film in office and residential settings.We can help you with the application and we can even help you develop a frosted window film design. If you have your own ideas, we can translate your design into reality, cut it and install it for you for the best result.

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