Window Film To The Rescue

If you are buying an apartment or house, or renovating a house or commercial office, it is useful to have an understanding of the building regulations that can impact you and will effect any changes you make. In this blog we are talking all about regulations relating to windows, specifically privacy and safety. We will also be looking at how privacy window film provides an affordable solution for residential and commercial clients facing safety and privacy issues.

Windows & Light Makes Us Feel Good

Most people love the idea of living in a house with large sunny windows with views. The same is true of our work spaces and other buildings in which we spend time. We feel better in a room filled with natural light, rather than artificial light. A room with large windows overlooking a view of nature is immediately uplifting. A small meeting room is more pleasant when it doesn’t feel like a walled box and includes glass with a view beyond its walls. Scientific research has backed up our experience and what we know intuitively, and has also found that work places that are designed with these elements in mind lead to more productive workers.

apartment windows privacy

Apartment windows needing privacy

The Downside Of Windows

While lots of light and views to the outside world can be psychologically uplifting and physically beneficial, they can also cause privacy and safety problems. Unfortunately, much contemporary living is within densely populated urban areas. The more people and human traffic there is, the more need there is to plan to ensure that people have adequate private space in which to live and that the design of a building does not compromise people’s safety.

Privacy & Australian Building Regulations

The main building regulation that effects windows and privacy is Overlooking Regulation 419. This building regulation states that a habitable room, deck, or balcony should avoid direct views into the secluded private space or a habitable room of an existing dwelling within 9 metres.

Privacy can become a problem where new apartment buildings are built in suburbs next to residential houses. Apartment balconies and any window that overlooks private space or a habitable room in an adjacent building may be subject to this privacy regulation.

When considering issues of privacy, windows may end up being excluded from a final design. If internal light is paramount, however, windows can be installed with frosted glass or privacy window film.

Privacy film for windows allows natural light into a room, but provides complete privacy. Privacy window film is often the preferred choice for use in bathrooms where maximum privacy is needed. High quality privacy window films are also safe for use in damp and wet areas, like bathrooms and will not deteriorate like cheap, inferior films.

On a window that has an overlooking issue, where privacy window film is being used as a solution, the privacy window film must be applied 1.7 metres from the floor height. In this scenario, any glass above 1.7 metres in height can remain free of window film.

Privacy window film is used extensively within the building industry to comply with building regulations.

building regulations privacy window film

Understand the building regulations for privacy & safety

Safety & Australian Building Regulations

Glass can be used in offices and in domestic architecture to make small spaces look larger and make rooms without external windows more inviting by providing a view. Many homes include floor to ceiling windows to maximise light and views.

While these design choices provide more pleasant living conditions for people, they can also pose a safety threat if safety precautions are not put in place. AS 1288 – 2006 is the building regulation and Australian standard for window and glass safety.

This safety standard includes regulations for glass or windows that are capable of being mistaken for a doorway or opening. In other words, any window or glassed area that someone could risk walking into because they did not see the glass. Windows that are subject to this regulation must exceed a minimum width and height.

The regulation states that to prevent the window or glass being mistaken for an opening, the glass must be fitted with a permanent motif in the glass or adhesive visual indicators that are unable to be removed in a single action. An appropriately fitted crash rail or transom may also meet regulations.

Window Film for Privacy, Safety & Design

Privacy film for windows is an affordable and extremely versatile solution that can be used to meet Australian building regulations for privacy and safety.

Not only is privacy film very affordable, but high quality films are extremely hard wearing and able to be installed externally on balconies and in damp areas like bathrooms.

Privacy window film can also be cut to any design and is perfect for use in commercial settings, where it can be used to promote a company logo and install company branding. For maximum impact in large glassed spaces, a big, bold design element can be installed, using window film.

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