These days branding is important. Companies are spending more time creating a sophisticated and appealing brand that can be carried across their website, marketing material and into the design of their office space.

Today’s blog looks at design trends for branding offices and the use of affordable window films.

Branding Your Office Fitout

Branding of course is about more than just a logo and colours. It’s about articulating your philosophy and values and having a clear understanding of who you are. By using materials creatively and knowing what you want to communicate to your customers, even a modest office fitout can achieve great results.

Decorative Window Film For Creative Branding

An affordable and creative way to communicate your brand in an office fitout is through the use of decorative window film. Decorative window film is an ideal design material because it can be cut to any design, comes in a range of colours and finishes and can easily be removed at the end of a lease or when it’s time to change.

With a little bit of design flair and some input from the latest graphic design and colour trends, your office fitout or shop window can be transformed with a contemporary, branded look that will draw people’s attention and make you look amazing.

decorative window film office

an example of decorative window film in an office

What Is Decorative Window Film?

Decorative window film is a flexible vinyl film that is applied to windows and glass  – a bit like a giant sticker. It achieves the look of frosted glass and is a versatile and affordable alternative to more costly and permanent sand blasted glass or etched glass.

Window film can be applied internally and externally on a range of glass petitions, windows, and glass balconies. It is frequently used as a solution to privacy, to meet safety regulations and to solve overlooking issues.


Design Trends For Decorative Window Film

Decorative window film is increasingly used as a design and branding material by interior designers and architects. It looks great when applied in large areas for maximum impact and is infinitely versatile.

A large front window, glass partitioning or walls, or a glassed meeting room or boardroom that needs privacy, are a blank canvas for creative branding with decorative window film. Your most difficult decision will be deciding on the type of design you want.

There are a million creative ways to to use frosted film. It all depends on your brand strategy and the design trends you like. You may choose to use your logo or company name as the design, but options don’t stop there. A great image, decorative element or motif, your business tag line, a phrase or a quote, can all be pre-cut into window film prior to installation. A graphic designer will be able to help to finalise a design that you are happy with.

If you are looking for some inspiration for your logo or for a window film design for your office, below are a few graphic design trends and elements to help. Pinterest is another great source of inspiration, with lots of examples of branded windows in office fitouts using frosted film.

Text & fonts can be used in multiple ways on window film. Choose some keywords, a phrase or a great quote. Trends include use of:

  • Google fonts
  • strong fonts that grab attention
  • geometric designs
  • cropped fonts
  • hand-drawn fonts

Colour design trends at the moment are bright and vibrant.

Imagery & design trends include:

  • hand drawn
  • quirky, engaging design
  • storytelling
  • geometrical elements
  • industrial-inspired shapes
  • use of negative space


A Beautiful Branded Design

A well designed office space will be appealing in layout, colour, furniture and brand details. With an increased focus on branding, decorative window film has become an essential design material for creating smart, branded offices or retail businesses.

If you would like branded decorative window film installed in your new office fitout or retail space Apply To Glass can assist. We have been working with, and installing frosted window films in commercial and retail spaces for over 15 years. We regularly work with interior designers and architects on a range of commercial and residential projects.