Visual Indicators & Glazing Bands

Glazing bands and Visual indicators for glass Melbourne 

 Visual Indicators For Australian Building Standards

The Australian building code requires that any continuous piece of glass that could be mistaken for an opening or a doorway and therefore could be a hazard, needs to have visual indicators or glazing bands to indicate the presence of glass. There are a variety of building regulations for glass safety designed to keep people safe.

Apply To Glass provide a full installation service for glazing bands in commercial and residential settings to meet Australian building codes. Make sure you are compliant with AS 1428.1 and call us today for installation across metropolitan Melbourne.

Glass Safety Is Our Business

Ensuring areas of glass are visible and do not pose a safety risk for low vision or vision impaired people is regulated by Australian building codes. Office fitouts and new buildings must comply with changing standards. Call us to discuss the different design options and keep you and your visitors safe.

Visual Indicators

What are visual indicators and glazing bands?

Visual indicators are used in the built environment to ensure that spaces are accessible to all people. Visual indicators assist in highlighting or drawing attention to something that could otherwise be hazardous if not clearly seen. In the case of glazing, frosted glass film is installed as a white or coloured glazing band across the glass. Apply To Glass install visual indicators to meet Australian building regulations in commercial and residential settings across metropolitan Melbourne. 

Comply With Building Regulations

What are the Australian building regulations for glass?

Are you fitting glass in a new commercial fitout or shop front? A large area of glazing can pose a potential safety hazard because it is transparent and can be mistaken for an open space. That’s why the Australian building codes AS 1428.1 – 2009 and 1288 – 2006 specify that under certain conditions glazing bands must be installed. Glazing bands or visual indicators must be installed between 900mm and 1000mm above the floor level and provide a minimum contrast with the floor, of 30% luminance, to be clearly visible.

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