We’ve got some helpful tips for window film maintenance that will ensure your windows stay looking great long after your window film has been installed. Window film is a highly versatile product that is used in residential and commercial settings for privacy, to meet building regulations and for brand promotion and design.

When high quality window film is installed and maintained properly, it should last for many years. In this blog we’ll look at how to remove frosted window film and how to maintain it, so your decorative windows, meeting rooms and entrances continue to look good for as long as possible.

Window Film Maintenance

Frosted window films are used throughout commercial office fitouts and on shop fronts. They are ideal for branded logos, for creating privacy and for adding an interesting and eye catching design.

If the window film on your front window or on your meeting room glass is peeling, worn or scratched, you don’t necessarily need to get all the film  replaced. Most wear occurs around the edges of the film. Some companies provide a window film maintenance service and will restore all or part of your window film design. This includes matching new frosted film to the old design for a seamless finish.


frosted film office fitout

Keeping Window Film Looking Good

Window film is very easy to maintain and if you choose a high grade film, it should last well beyond the manufacturers warranty period. How long your frosted window film stays looking great will also depend upon where it is located.

Sun Exposure

Exposure to sun has the biggest impact, causing inferior films to shrink, bubble and peel prematurely. Window film applied on the north or western side of a building will receive the most sun exposure. Sun also reflects off surfaces and back onto windows and glass. It is wise not to compromise on quality when choosing window film to install in these high UV areas.


Once installed, frosted films can be cleaned with regular glass cleaning products. To keep your windows looking great, avoid abrasive cleaners.

Retail business windows are often used for advertising and notices. Repeated use of adhesive tapes on frosted glass may cause damage over time. So when planning your window, leave an area clear of film, which can accommodate notices and advertising.

New Office Fitout

If you are moving into a new business premises or planning a new office fitout, installing frosted film should be one of the last things that is done. This avoids damage and scratches to the film from building materials, as well as sawdust.


Changes in temperature are likely to cause premature ageing of window films. Where possible avoid direct heat sources or exposing window film to extremes of cold or heat.


More Advice on Frosted Film Removal & Maintenance

If you are unsure about removing frosted film or need maintenance on existing frosted film, Apply To Glass can help. We provide a full design and maintenance service for decorative window film and install privacy window films in commercial office fitouts all over Melbourne.