Open-plan offices are undoubtedly the design of choice for many modern workplaces. And although the open layout aims to foster interaction and collaboration, it can often fail to have this effect, with many workers complaining their open work environments lack privacy and hinder productivity. That’s why glass office partitions are so popular in office fitouts.

Breaking up the office space

To help maintain the open-plan layout but foster a more productive workplace, glass office partitions have become popular – to break up space and increase privacy.

Depending on requirements, glass office partitions can be built to different heights and are used to separate workers in large open-plan areas, as well as creating separate meeting rooms and larger private offices. This creates a more productive space to work that still offers a sense of open communication, rather than completely cutting people off from each other.

Window Film: the perfect addition to glass partitions

Whether you already have glass office partitions or you’re looking to invest, the best accompaniment to glass partitions is high quality window film. Versatile, stylish and incredibly practical, window film can be used on glass office partitions to enhance design elements without compromising natural light or openness.

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An interesting design for decorative window film in an office meeting room


Here are a few advantages to window film you really ought to know

1. Creates privacy and yet still feels open

Want to create privacy but don’t want to lose any natural light? Privacy window film can help. Frosted film can be added to glass office partitions to help obstruct views into private spaces while still allowing you a space that feels open and bright.

There are a range of clever designs using glass office partitions and window film which help create private areas that are filled with natural light, and comfortable enough for spending longer blocks of time.

2. It’s customisable, versatile and looks great.

Not all glass office partitions need to look the same. In fact, they rarely do. Many people love the way frosted film mimics the look of a solid piece of opaque or frosted glass – but there are far more options than white frosted glass.

Depending on the design you’re after, decorative window film can be applied in a range of different colours. From colourful shapes and patterns to a detailed motif that reflects your brand, it’s an inexpensive way to add loads of personality.

For example, your logo or business name can be applied and used throughout the fitout or decorative window film may be used to reflect the values of your business.

Whatever you need, decorative window film can be customised to any size or design and be cut to fit any section of glass.

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3. It’s cost effective

Both privacy and decorative window film are incredibly affordable, particularly when compared with the financial and labor costs of installing frosted glass office partitions. And there is no doubt that this affordability is part of the reason it is used so widely within both residential and commercial settings around the world.

4. It’s easy to look after

Window film is incredibly simple to maintain and, with a little care, it will stay in perfect condition for a very long time.

The most important way to look after glass film is to keep it away from extreme temperatures. In the workplace that generally means avoiding any close contact with heating or air conditioning.

And when it comes to cleaning – simple is best. If you clean frosted film with regular glass cleaners and soapy water you will avoid any unnecessary deterioration.

Finally, if you ever need to remove your window film, it’s simple. High quality frosted film will come off easily with a steamer and will not flake off, like inferior films. And, if for some reason your frosted film gets damaged or is starting to bubble, shrink or peel, it can be repaired very fast, without having to replace the entire area.

Apply To Glass – For Your Workplace Needs

With over twenty years’ experience, here at Apply to Glass we know how to achieve a workplace design that enhances privacy and looks fantastic! We can assist with any design and even work with you to design something that fits with your needs and the needs of your business.

Plus, we’ll even remove your old frosted window film for free!