Glass petitions and windows are permanent features of a home or office. Requirements for privacy and security, however, change over time and between day time and night time. Office managers and home owners can face privacy and security problems on doors and windows. The solution frequently comes down to installing commercial window film or opaque glass, or opting for blinds.


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The Beauty Of Glass & Windows

Glass front doors and windows are fantastic for letting in light and allowing you to see outside. Glass in offices makes a space feel open and can be psychologically beneficial. Research has found that offices that bring the outside in, for example, by using plants and providing views onto trees, have happier and more productive workers. It’s the same for residential homes.

Privacy Changes

What one person regards as a privacy issue, may not concern someone else. Privacy issues frequently arise when an office is re designed, new staff arrive, or residents first move into a new home.

Blinds or Opaque Glass

The choice between installing blinds or opting for installing privacy window film is a common consideration when solving privacy and security problems. Making a decision really depends upon the extent of privacy that is required. Do you want the flexibility of moving between full transparency or full block-out? Does the solution fit with the overall interior design scheme and look you want? Does the solution need to be low maintenance and easy to clean?

Blinds: are semi permanent fixtures installed over windows. Blinds come in a range of materials. Cost depends upon the materials that are used. Blinds provide the flexibility of having full transparency with the blinds open and achieving full block-out when they are closed.

Opaque Glass: Frosted window film is a plastic film that can be installed on windows and doors and comes in a range of colours, designs, and levels of transparency. Frosted window film achieves the look of frosted or opaque glass, but is less permanent and can be easily removed. Frosted window film is very affordable and can be installed with DIY kits, or by a professional for large areas.


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The Look Of Opaque Glass

The look of opaque glass can be very affordably achieved by installing frosted window film. Frosted window film mimics the look of glass that is frosted. Commercial window film also has the benefit of not only creating privacy, but also promoting a retail or commercial brand. Commercial window film is a design-diverse product. Any design, such as a business logo or message, can be cut into decorative window film and installed at an office entrance or where it has prominent street frontage.

Frosted window film has the following benefits:

Versatile Design: Frosted window film or opaque glass comes in a huge range of colours and designs. Whether you are using it in a commercial space or for residential privacy, a range of colours and designs are possible that not only provide privacy, but also contribute to beautifying or branding your space.

Easy To Install: Frosted window film is easy to install and doesn’t require any drilling of holes or damage to the frame or walls surrounding windows.

Less Work: Unlike blinds, frosted window film, once installed does not need to be opened or closed and is maintenance free. With continual use, blinds get damaged and broken.

Affordability: The look of opaque glass can be achieved at a fraction of the cost of expensive blinds.

Maintenance: Unlike blinds that are subject to fading, can be difficult to clean and are easily damaged, high quality frosted window film is UV resistant, can be used in damp and wet conditions and is easy to clean. High quality window film is a tough material that can be applied inside and outside. It also has the benefit of blocking UV rays, so it protects furnishings from fading.

Beauty: Both blinds and opaque glass can look beautiful and enhance any interior, depending on your design requirements. If you like the look of stained glass or frosted or etched window panes, frosted window film is an affordable option.

Removal: Frosted window film is easy to remove and will not leave any drill holes or damage.

Design Ideas With Frosted Window Film

There are a million design ideas for frosted window film. If you decide that the look of opaque glass is what you want, but you’re not sure of the design, a professional window frosting and design installation business can help.

A simple way of bringing colour into a space can be achieved by using different coloured window film ‘panes’ that create beautiful effects when the sun shines through and looks like stained glass windows. This look is perfect for bringing warmth and some fun to a home, cafe or office space that requires privacy.

If you have a great logo or message you want to communicate, make it prominent with frosted window film on your retail shop window or office.

For assistance with your commercial window film installation or design and installation in any commercial or residential setting, contact Apply To Glass. We are Melbourne’s first frosted window film specialists and have over 20 years experience working with interior designers, architects and office managers.