Aesthetics & Design

Frosted glass film is a practical material that solves aesthetic issues so that people can better enjoy the spaces in which they live and work. It is an incredibly versatile and affordable product, used to achieve privacy, block out an unattractive view, and have a decorative or design impact, while maximising exposure to daylight.

Frosted glass film also has a practical application when applied using the principles of feng shui.


What Is Feng Shui?

Feng shui is the ancient Chinese practice of geomancy that can be applied in buildings to reap positive benefits for the inhabitants. The practice involves analysing and manipulating the relationships between different elements in a physical space to create an auspicious outcome. Typically, this involves positioning and shifting furniture, windows, doors, entrances and exits, changing traffic flows and lines of sight to improve privacy, as well as using specific colours and symbols, to create a beneficial environment.

The science of feng shui has many different principles  governing its application, including the division of space according to the bagua map, as well as principles for the application of colour and symbols. The feng shui ruler is applied to analyse distances and determine whether a particular length is auspicious or inauspicious. The ruler divides distance into quadrants which correspond to different qualities. These are further divided into smaller distances and qualities. The categories include wealth, sickness, separation, nobility and integrity, official power, catastrophe, and harm and injury. In feng shui design, lengths and distances can be altered to fall within a beneficial area.


Design For Psychological Wellbeing

While there are general rules associated with the application and many traditions of feng shui, the most important aspect of designing for a positive outcome is to create an environment that is aligned with the psychological temperament, preferences and intentions of the inhabitants.

While there are overarching design principles that tend to make a space feel and look better, because people are all different, their specific requirements and their definition of beauty and good design are all different. For example, while one person may love having a glass front door, another may find the lack of privacy unsettling. And while some people prefer frosted glass film applied on a balcony to completely block visibility, others may prefer a filtered view with an etched design applied to the film.

Fundamentally, good design is about people and creating a space that makes people feel good. According to Trich Neumann (founder of Apply To Glass), design should be done with “mindful intent to maximise good fortune.”


Frosted Glass Film & Applying Feng Shui Principles

The principles of feng shui applied to interior space is really the science of intelligent and good design to create a beneficial psychological and physical environment. Because frosted glass film is used to solve privacy and aesthetic issues, it works positively in conjunction with the principles of feng shui. Frosted glass film applied this way, goes beyond simple considerations of privacy and safety, to consider the age-old principles of energy flow and intention, discussed above.

Increasingly in Australia, clients are concerned to increase their good fortune and are interested in how ancient traditions, like feng shui can be utilised to achieve this in their homes, work spaces and businesses.

When used in the service of feng shui, frosted glass film designs can be cut and applied in auspicious lengths, used to counteract the draining of positive energy and to create privacy for clients.

Trich Neumann trained as a feng shui consultant more than 20 years ago and is qualified to use feng shui principles.


Qualified Fengshui Consultation

Apply To Glass can provide a qualified feng shui consultation service for clients in conjunction with the design and installation of a range of frosted film projects for decoration, privacy and to meet building regulations. For more information, contact us.


Apply To Glass works with architects and interior designers in large residential and commercial projects using frosted glass film to meet building regulations and solve privacy issues. Apply To Glass also works with home owners solving common privacy and aesthetic issues.