Privacy window film provides a solution to privacy by blocking out prying eyes or an unsightly view, without blocking precious daylight. Contemporary apartments and office spaces frequently make the most of natural light and views outside by installing large windows. But those beautiful views and light filled spaces, while attracting potential buyers and tenants, can also cause privacy problems. In this blog we answer some common questions about using privacy film for windows and glass.

Privacy Window Film – What Is It?

Window film was invented 50 years ago in the mid 1960s. It was originally used as an effective means to block the transfer of solar radiation. Polyester films were used to prevent heat inside, from being transferred through the glass and escaping outside.

Privacy window film is window film applied to glass or windows to solve problems of privacy. Most privacy window film is applied to look like frosted glass.

Where Can Privacy Film For Windows Be Used?

Today, window film is made from vinyls or polyesters. It is applied to windows and glass partitions in commercial and residential buildings, on cars, bikes and boats to control temperature, create privacy and meet regulations.

Window film is available in a range of colours. It can be cut to any design and can provide full privacy or partial privacy (allowing some visibility). Because of it’s versatility, privacy window film is increasingly the choice of architects and designers who look for practical solutions to privacy, that can be used creatively in a range of settings.

Is Privacy Film For Windows Expensive?

Privacy window film is very affordable, which is part of the reason it is used so widely within both residential and commercial settings. Compared with the financial and labor cost of installing frosted glass or replacing old windows with new frosted glass, using window film is a much more affordable option.

How Much Privacy Does Window Film Really Provide?

Privacy window film provides absolute privacy, when applied correctly to a window or glass. When up close to the window, the most that can be seen are shadows.

That’s why privacy film for windows is ideal for use in bathrooms and bedrooms, in commercial offices and other developments, at entrances and on balconies, to achieve absolute privacy and safety.

privacy window film commercial

Privacy window film in a commercial setting.

How Long Does Privacy Window Film Last?

How long privacy window films lasts will depend on the quality of the window film, how it is installed and where it is installed. There are a range of window films manufactured that are varying qualities.

By its nature, window film is often applied in areas that are subject to the damaging effects of sun, water and dampness – in bathrooms, kitchens and on external windows and balconies. Continual exposure to water and sun takes its toll and will cause inferior films to bubble and break down prematurely.

High quality films, when applied by an expert come with a manufacturers guarantee. Depending on whether privacy window film is applied outside or is regularly subjected to direct sun (for example on windows that face west and experience the brunt of afternoon sun), window film should be expected to last significantly longer than the warranty.

At Apply To Glass, we only use the highest quality privacy film for windows. We have over twenty years experience working in a range of different conditions and we don’t waste our time or our client’s time working with inferior products. All our projects offer a 7 year guarantee or match the manufacturers warranty.

We have established enduring relationships with the best suppliers and we have built our reputation with clients who rely on our quality product.

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