There are some common questions people ask about DIY window film installation; whether you can apply window film outside and what type of window film is best for the job. Below are some answers to these and some other common questions.

Questions & Solutions When You Apply Window Film

Many homes and apartments are designed with lots of windows to bring an abundance of light into the home. However, depending upon changes to garden plantings over the years and developments that take place on adjacent properties, many people end up finding they lack privacy in their homes. This is exactly the problem that Shaynna Blaze faced when her client bought a home that was overlooked by a new apartment development in Sydney.

There are lots of choices when it comes to creating privacy, including curtains, blinds and shutters. But for an affordable solution that creates a no-nonsense minimalist look, provides permanent privacy, but doesn’t block the light, nothing comes close to frosted window film.

Window film is a great product! It is affordable, easy to install, easy to clean and easy to remove. It’s also very durable, UV resistant and ideal for applications indoors and outside. There’s nothing not to like about this versatile product. Window film can be easily installed by anyone on small projects and can be applied almost anywhere on glass surfaces and windows where you want privacy.

What type of Window film is best?

Window film is very often applied in damp areas like bathrooms. Of course windows which face north or west are subject to powerful UV rays 12 months of the year, so we always recommend using high quality window film that can be used inside and outside, is resistant to damp and UV rays. At Apply To glass we only use high quality films, like  Metamark, Avery and 3M window film.

Where Can I apply Window Film?

Window film is an infinitely versatile product. As a solution to privacy on windows and glass office partitions it is a much more practical solution than using blinds, curtains or shutters. It’s also a lot less expensive. For windows that face outside, always apply the window film on the inside. Installing on the inside of the glass ensures it won’t be exposed to wind, rain and grime and will last longer.

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Installing window film outside on a glass balcony for privacy

Can you apply window film outside?

When privacy is required around swimming pools or on balconies that have glass balustrades, window film can be successfully installed outside. It is commonly installed on glass pool fences. This is where it is really important to choose a high quality film to achieve a long lasting look. High quality films are UV resistant and really tough – perfect for the harsh conditions of the Australian climate. Once installed it can be washed with soap and water and it will stay looking fantastic for many years.

How Do You Apply Window Film Without Bubbles?

Installing window film is not difficult. In fact with some simple tools and instructions, anyone can do a simple installation in their home. One of the common problems people have is avoiding air bubbles. The trick is to take your time, make sure to use a good solution on the window and use a squeegee to flatten and press out the bubbles.

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Window film can be installed by anyone with the right materials. For larger jobs and for decorative or branding projects, we recommend getting an expert to do the job.

DIY Privacy Window Film Installation

Installing your own DIY window film is not difficult, nor is it expensive. For full instructions see our blog on how to apply frosted window film.

Removing Window Film

If you move into a new home, or you are doing renovations or an office makeover, you may need to remove old window film first. This can be a messy job, depending on the quality of the window film that was used, and how much the film has deteriorated. Here are some simple tips to removing old frosted film.

If you require assistance with installing window film in your office or home, we can help. We service business across Melbourne and have been installing window film for over 20 years. We’ll also remove your old frosted film for free. Contact us to discuss your project.

Can you make your own window film application solution?

Window film solution is sprayed onto a clean window and is used as the base to help the window film adhere to the glass. There are different commercial window film application solutions to use for applying window film, but you can just as easily make your own with a mixture of baby shampoo and water in a spray bottle.

Large Window Film Jobs

While installing window film on a small window can be quite easy, big jobs on large sections of inaccessible glass and on external balconies, are better off left to the experts. Apply To Glass has been installing window films in residential settings and commercial buildings for over 15 years. We are one of the first businesses in the industry in Melbourne.  For an expert finish and the best quality, long lasting products, contact us. Apply To Glass also does decorative window film designs and installations.