High-quality film for windows can be used in many different situations for homes and offices. Whether you’re after privacy for a bathroom window, branding for an office partition, or a security from potential intruders, there is a window film to fit your needs.

Film for windows can be applied to glass doors or windows, glass office partitions, and glass balcony or pool fences with great results. It’s a quick and affordable solution if you don’t want to spend thousands on home or office decoration, and it provides security and privacy without blocking the daylight.

If you want to know all about the different types of film for windows, how each is used, and their benefits, then keep reading.

Privacy Window Film

Privacy window film is typically used for a bathroom or bedroom window that overlooks the street or adjacent neighbor. This type of film for windows obscures the view of anyone looking in.

Glass pool fences and apartments with glass balconies can also benefit from solid opaque or frosted film privacy panels. It doesn’t have to be a solid block either, a decorative frosted design element may be all you need to create privacy in an open-plan office.

The main benefit of privacy window film is that while it blocks out nosy neighbors it doesn’t block daylight-like curtains or blinds do. You can also keep the clean look of your home or office without having to buy additional, and more expensive, window treatments.

Security Window Film

Security window film is a practical solution in the home for patios or balcony doors, as children can easily run into the clear glass without realizing it is there and sustain serious injuries. Security window film protects doors and windows from shattering and prevents injury from glass breakage. Not only is it an economical way to protect children, but it also provides peace of mind for parents.

There are government regulations that must be met for security glass in childcare centers, kindergartens, and schools. Offices, hotels, and retail businesses are also obliged to install security measures to protect staff and customers from walking or running into glass.

As an added benefit, mirrored or frosted security window film deters potential intruders by obscuring their view inside a home or place of business. Even transparent security window film adds an extra layer of protection, and has anti-shatter properties, which makes it harder for burglars to gain illegal access.

Visual Indicators

Australian building code regulations dictate that visual indicators must be used in glass office spaces on big panes of glass to make them clearly visible. A visual indicator needs to be installed on any glass that is floor to head height or has light coming through it.

Many businesses use high-quality frosted window film, and white or colored glass bands (aka crash rails) as an inexpensive and durable solution to meet safety specifications. These are quickly and easily installed, look great, and can be customized for a range of situations including windows, glass partitions, and glass doorways.

Building code compliance can also be satisfied by using a company logo, decorative shapes, or vinyl decals. These can enhance commercial aesthetics and deliver privacy, especially in open-plan offices.

Home Window Tinting

Tinted window film reflects UV rays preventing them from penetrating the glass. The result is not only a cooler home but a substantial saving on summer energy bills. Ideal for homes or offices with north or west-facing windows, this type of solar film for windows can provide levels of UV protection between 78 to 95%. It can also trap heat in the home in winter and reduce glare.

Home window tinting is a cheaper alternative to retrofitting double glazing but is still very effective at cutting down on heat transfer and reducing air conditioning usage. Solar window film can be cut to fit your windows exactly with minimal impact on decor. When installed it gives a mirror-like effect to the outside of windows so it has a security aspect, as well as provides protection from UV.

Decorative Window Film

Customized decorative window film can be used in both residential and commercial settings. For homes, this highly versatile product can be applied to create privacy, complement existing decor, or express personality. High-quality decorative window film is more affordable than installing frosted glass. It comes in a range of colors and can also be cut in any pattern you want to achieve your preferred design.

For businesses, the decorative film can be used to add branding elements to walls and windows. Large installations on shop fronts can be particularly striking and a great way to stand out from the competition. Decorative window film won’t block the light like blinds and curtains and, since it is also UV resistant, this makes it a practical alternative to traditional window treatments.

Custom Wall Art and Vinyl Decals

Hardwearing, eye-catching, and affordable, vinyl decals and custom art are becoming a popular way to add a designer look without the designer price tag. Suitable for both residential homes and businesses, they can be customized to any design or style you want and come in a wide range of colors and patterns.

Vinyl decals are a less permanent way to decorate lounges, kids’ rooms, or home offices than using paint or wallpaper. They can be easily peeled off when you want a new look without damaging existing glass or plaster. Likewise, custom wall art instantly transforms a plain office into a bold statement without the disruption or downtime you’d experience with traditional painters and decorators.

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